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Zap-A-Gap CA+ Glue 1/2oz
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Brand: Zap Glues Model: PAAPT03
Zap's most versitle product! Bonds virtually anything including wood, veneers, rubber, leather and most plastics. Gap filing qualities. Zap-A-Gap even works on oily surfaces. Adheres harder woods such as oak and plywood. Cures in 30 seconds or less.Accelerate the cure with Zip Kicker!..
Brand: Zap Glues Model: PAAPT21
Zap Flexi-Tips (24pcs)Flexi-tips allow micro drops of glue to be placed in hard-to-reach areas.Features:Allows for smaller dropsPrecision applicationExtension into hard-to-reach placesFits most brands of CA Bottles..
Brand: Zap Glues Model: PAAPT22
POLY ZAP Is a specialty CA adhesive developed for use on plastics. Lexan is one of the more difficult plastics to bond, and POLY ZAP was developed to solve that problem. It works on may types of films and painted surfaces. Its perfect for today's ARF type models. ABS cowls, canopies, Lexan c..
Zap-O Foam Safe CA 20-gram Bottle
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Brand: Zap Glues Model: PAAPT25
Zap-O Foam Safe CA is a true odorless CA. It has the same gap filling properties as Zap-A-Gap CA+ but without the fumes. It works great on balsa, plywood, bass wood and most other modeling and hobby materials. Zap-O Foam Safe CA is also great for craft work when gluing foam shapes or various..
Brand: Zap Glues Model: PAAPT28
Accelerator for ZAP-O and other Foam CA's. Non Fuming Formula. 2oz. pump spray bottle...
Zap After-Run Engine Treatment 1oz Bottle
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Brand: Zap Glues Model: PAAPT31
Treats engines and inhibits corrosion from forming. Adding After Run 2 to the engine protects all of the internal parts. One treatment lasts for months. Ideal for coating metal push rods before inserting them into sleeves..
Brand: Zap Glues Model: PAAPT33
Thick and strong for high-stress areas. Works well on hard woods such as Maple and Oak. In modeling its ideal for laminating wood parts and forming fillets. Because its thick, it will not run, it forms a very clean even fillet around all types of joints. The high cured strength means it work..
 Zap Z-42 Blue Thread Locker 0.2oz Bottle
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Brand: Zap Glues Model: PAAPT42
Blue Thread Locker locks set screws, axle and drive nuts, engine mounting screws, or any screw that keeps your R/C airplane, helicopter, car, or boat from coming apart. But Z-42 Thread Locker isn't just for hobbies, use on autos, boats, snow mobiles, lawn equipment, tools, bicycles, and even..
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