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Brand: PitBull Tires Model: PBTDR9002FMS
Dirty Richard 2.2" Single Stage Foam Inserts for Crawlers, Soft, 139.5x54.5x53mm (2)..
Brand: PitBull Tires Model: PBTPB9001FM
"Tear Up the CompetitionTM with Pit Bull Tires' Officially licensed Dos PiezasTM 2.2 - 2-Stage Foams.Dos Piezas Dual Stage foams Tear Up the Competition by offering incredible side-hill ability, controlled tire-flex with a firm tread-bite that allows lugs to work individually on the toughest..
Brand: PitBull Tires Model: PBTPB9002NK
Pit Bull's Rock Beast® II Scale 2.2's are miniaturized versions of the Champion Pit Bull Rocker® Light Truck 1:1 tires. With attention to every detail, these dirt crushing, rock gripping, and snow flinging tires are like no other 2.2 Scale R/C tire.Rock Beasts have many design features to in..
PitBull Tires Rock Beast 1.9 Komp Compound W/Foams
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Brand: PitBull Tires Model: PBTPB9003NK
ROCK BEAST® R/C 1.9 Scale Tires // (2) Two Tires per packet with (2) Two - 2 Stage Foams & (1) Decal sheet. The Rock Beast Scale 1.9's are miniaturized versions of the Champion Pit Bull Rocker LT 1:1 tires. For those of you with 1:1 Pit Bull Rockers on your rigs...and have been wanting t..
Brand: PitBull Tires Model: PBTPB9014AK
The Rock Beast 1.9's are miniaturized versions of the patented Champion Pit Bull Rocker LT tires with RC Crawling enhancements added to make these the King of the Heap. The multi-varied tread design increases forward/reverse and lateral traction with serious biting across the footprint. These ..
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