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Brand: Team Associated Model: ASC31400
Associated 5x8 Metal Sheilded Bearings, 1pr ..
Brand: Team Associated Model: ASC91562
Associated FT 6x13x5mm Bearings, 4pcs. ..
Brand: Team Associated Model: ASC91563
Associated 10x15x4mm Bearings, Factory Team 4pcs ..
Duratrax Bearing Set, 5x10x4mm, 8 Pcs
Out Of Stock
Model: DTXC1090
DuraTrax Bearing Set, Fits Maximum ST/BX/MT/Pro And Other Applications Which Call For 5x10x4mm Bearings. 8Pcs. Teflon Sealed. ..
Brand: Fast Eddy Model: FEB11002
This is a full replacement set of bearings for (1) Axle Set If you are doing both the front and rear you need to order (2) SETS. (6)        5x11x4(4)      10x15x4..
Fast Eddy Bearing Kit , Axial RR10 Bomber
Out Of Stock
Brand: Fast Eddy Model: FEB11003
Axial RR10 Bomber Sealed Bearing Set (21) 5X11X4  (6) 10X15X4  You are purchasing the bearing listed above.In many cases the bearing sizes may change depending on your particular model and the date that it was manufactured as well as different hop ups you may have installed. PLE..
Brand: Fast Eddy Model: FEB11006
Axial SCX10 Transmission Sealed Bearing Set (4)    5x10x4(2)    8x16x5..
Brand: Fast Eddy Model: FEB11018
Axial SCX-10 V2 Bearing Kit (6)   5X10X4(4)  5x11x4..
Fast Eddy Bearing Kit , Traxxas Slash 2wd Kit
Out Of Stock
Brand: Fast Eddy Model: FEB12004
Traxxas Slash (2WD) Bearing Set (15)  5x11x4 (4)  5x8x2.5..
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Bearings, Misc., Accessories, 5x11x4mm, Rubber, Sealed, "Speed", bearings, Qty:, Associated, 5x8x2.5, 4pcs
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