Privacy Policy

The R/C Pro-Shop and The ScottyRocket Group respects your right to privacy. We will not knowingly sell/share/loan our customer information for any reason. We do collect your shipping info for shipping purposes only. Payment/Billing info is handled in complete compliance with PCI certifications. All direct credit card transactions are encrypted and are not directly readable in any database on our servers. Your card information is also not stored on our servers at ANY time. Any payments going through Paypal or other payment processors are strictly handled by that processing company and are PCI compliant.

A cookie on your PC is used when making a transaction through The R/C Pro-Shop to speed up future orders and to facilitate your shopping basket. Data may be collected on a visitors traffic pattern while browsing this site. This allows "The R/C Pro-Shop" the ability to customize our site to be faster and more organizied making your future visits easier.

We have made an effort to remove any anonmous tracking from Google, Yahoo or any other "Big Data" corporation and will do our best to keep them from observing your activities on our site. We do keep anonomous statistics of our own and use no third party data analysis. All data is maintained on our server and will never be sold, rented or given away to any third parties.

Individual advertisers(if we have any) may have their own policies concerning customer privacy. All information collected by "The R/C Pro-Shop" is used to conduct our business, and keep in contact with our customers.

When it is referred to as "The R/C Pro-Shop" it is also and The R/C Pro-Shop is a member of the ScottyRocket Group which also operates Pro Designs Plus, ScottyRocket R/C Products and ScottyRocket Speed.

Thank you for looking through our company policies. If you have any questions about are data handiling policies, please contact us through our "Contact Us" page at the top and bottom of each page.

We appreciate your business!

- Scott H.
Owner - The ScottyRocket Group