• 5100 mAh 50c, 2s, Hardcase LiPo pack, 7.4v, Mega Spec, TRX Con

These are hardcase Lipo battery packs and come with hardwired 10awg Wire and TRX HC Connector with hardwired balance plug harness.

With a 50C continuous rating, these packs are meant for bashing, Mega Spec racing, crawling, stock and mild modified 2wd class racing.

Great direct replacement for any Traxxas Vehicle. Requires standard Lipo charger or older Traxxas lipo charger that allows use of the older plug style. This plug is backwards compatable with the new Traxxas iD connector in that it will plug into it on the vehicle side and power the vehicle.

Max charge rate: (2 x C rating)/10 = 10 amps.

This pack is the standard size 7.4v pack.

Dimentions: 139mm L x 47mm W x 25.1mm H

Introductory Price for a limited time only!!!

Warranty: Battle Born Power Systems and The RC Pro-Shop provide a 3 month warranty on this pack.

This warranty does not cover puffed up, punctured, water damage or any other abuse.  A puffed back is typically a sign of abuse.... High Current Draw, Dead Discharge, Water inside pack, impact damage(high jumps, sudden stops). If the pack just stops working in 3 months we will replace it. Just send it in with a copy of your original invoice/recipet and we will send you another pack once the pack is inspected and the warranty is approved.

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5100 mAh 50c, 2s, Hardcase LiPo pack, 7.4v, Mega Spec, TRX Con

  • $39.99

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