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Spartan, SR 36" Brushless Boat

Spartan, SR 36" Brushless Boat
Spartan, SR 36" Brushless Boat

Extreme Full-Throttle Fun with Self-Righting Security

Spartan SR is built for speed and performance. Pull the trigger and Spartan SR immediately jumps on plane and rips across the water to its heart-pounding 50+ mph top speed! There’s nothing else like it and nothing holding you back. If a wave pitches the wrong direction, self righting is on board and within seconds, Spartan SR is back to extreme, full-throttle fun.

Self-Righting Security

Self righting is more than a convenience feature, it’s an all-access pass to exploit Spartan’s full 50+ mph fury. Boaters of all skill levels will enjoy the confidence-inspiring security of self righting. There’s no need to back off the throttle or tone down the action. Just pin the throttle and Spartan SR takes care of the rest.

Razor-Sharp Handling

Spartan SR’s deep-V ABS hull carefully balances speed with agility for a truly thrilling driving experience. A new electronics layout and battery tray drastically improve handling precision by concentrating the weight inboard along the centerline. The result is razor-sharp handling, no-lift turns, and superior high-speed stability.

50+ MPH Speed

Grab a fistful of throttle and Spartan SR’s VXL-6s Marine power system transforms 22+ volts of LiPo power into furious acceleration. The high-performance prop digs in, getting the boat on plane quickly and efficiently as it slices through the water at speeds of 50 mph and beyond.


Transport your Traxxas boat to the lake in style with this fully detailed scale replica triple-axle trailer. Adjustable bunk brackets accommodate either the Spartan’s deep-V hull or the DCB-M41’s catamaran hull.
Elastic Tie Downs
Traxxas Boat Trailer Accessories
  • Adjustable bunk brackets
  • Elastic tie downs hold the boat securely
  • Variable height hitch
  • Fold-down trailer jack stand
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Compatible accessories:
    • LED-Ready light lenses
      (#10349, sold separately)
    • Pro Scale® Winch
      (#8855, sold separately)

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